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W​here Trendy Meets Chíc!


Woman owned and operated. 

"Chic is pronounced chique"

Meet Tonya.

She is an artisan by craft, formulating a unique line that caters to the everyday consumer. A handcrafted designer of all things viewed on this web catalog. 

Determined to introduce the natural alternatives to the everyday use of bath products, such as,  lotions, soaps, scrubs, she started with close family, friends and her hospital co workers. 

With positive feedback and a zest for cultivating her skill she pressed on further to create a line of Soy Wax Candles, room deodorizer and wax melts.

The idea of T-le-Chic was encouraged through family support and the knowledge of using natural ingredients. The formulas created for each item is unique to touch, vegan friendly, and enriched with herbs, essential oils, fragrance oils, clays, fruits, butters, and sugars.

The smell is inviting, the moisture is absorbing, all the effects from the natural products creates complimentary balance to the skin as well  as the feeling of a renewed, refresh individual with a new outlook on choice. 

This shop is for everyone.

Visit each category, enjoy the purchase, we would love to see you again!!

Thank you!!