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​ W​here Trendy Meets Chíc!

it's not just natural, its Luxury!

Shower gels 8 oz Amber bottles. Deeply moisturizing body wash. These special washes yields an exquisite formula of a silky thick lather that lasts!

*NB: all are handcrafted and may take 3-5 days for production before shipping*dependent on order quantity*

Bath Time Treats

By T-le-Chíc !!

The space you create  for your time of indulgence will set the tone for your mood. Your routine to either, soak in the tub with our bath bomb or shower in the bath with our shower gels or lather up with our bar soap, either one will have your skin saying thank you when you are done. Shea, Vitamin E and essential oils will compliment the skins layer and absorb for protection and nourishment.